Special thanks to:

Greg Browning and Sheela Sands - Greg gave me a ride in Prudhoe Bay and put me in touch with Sheela who turned out to be a wealth of information for Juneau, AK.

Pastor Jeff Steeter - has a beautiful chapel at Dot Lake, AK. He has four foster kids and three of his own. They live 50 miles from the nearest town so Pastor Jeff can drive bobcat, hunt all types of game, and operate a sawmill. He even let me stay in his airstream trailer for a night.

Lisa - We talked on the phone a few times in Haines. She has lived here for sometime and knew all the best local adventuring.

Jess - reporter at the Petersburg Pilot who asked interesting questions and is an all around great guy.

Bill Tremblay - delicious beer battered halibut dinner from SE waters.

Anyone else I don’t have a photo of but has shown me kindness. So much faith in humanity when you ride a bike cross-country.